*dusts off blog*

Let the standard disclaimers apply.

Back in November I read this blog post by Scalzi and thought: “Yes! This is excellent. Let’s do it. Commitment ahoy!” And then proceeded to continue not to blog anything for another three months.

Whether it’s the pandemic aftermath, or the general malaise, or personal decrepitude, I could not say, but in the last six months any of my musings that were substantial enough to blog about were also exhausting to think about. I just got on with doing my little morning hospitality thing on Morning Lights (subscription link in the sidebar!) — which I’ve also been crossposting to the new Post platform — poking desultorily at my mental storyboard, scribbling the occasional exchange of dialogue on an index card, and just generally treading water.

I also bought a Nikon DSLR camera and have been learning to use it — in the process learning better how to use the Lumix bridge camera I already had — and have been photographing the birds in the neighborhood, with variable success.

There will be a forthcoming post about Ukraine, because of course there will, but I thought I’d separate that from the gnashing of teeth about my poor neglected blog &c.

Here’s a selection of my more recent photographs. If nothing else I plan to make more regular posts of these. Cheers!

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